General Terms and Conditions of Online Sales ("General Conditions of Sale")

The main activity of the seller is the sale of burgers, hot sandwiches, belgian fries and other accompaniments, on the spot and on takeaway. The products can also be delivered but the sale is then via the company Deliveroo, independent company of Le Petit Carré with its own general conditions of sale.

The Customer declares to have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions of Sale before placing an order.

The validation of the order is therefore acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Le Petit Carré reserves at any time the possibility to adapt or modify its Terms and Conditions of Sale. In case of modification, it will be applied to each order the general conditions of sale in force on the day of the order.

Also, the Customer is invited to regularly consult the general conditions of sale in order to keep abreast of the latest developments.

The General Conditions of Sale are available in French and English.

In these Terms and Conditions, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings:

The terms "The Customer", "you", "your" refer to the customer who orders products on the website ""

The terms "Le Petit Carré", "us", "our" refer to Louis Gentges, established in natural person under the company number BE0535 724 466 and owner of Petit Carré.

The term "The Products" refers to the products offered and supplied by Le Petit Carré to the Client;

1. Order and acceptance

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to all orders for Products placed by a Customer on the Le Petit Carré Website.

The order can only be registered on the Website if the Customer is clearly identified by the entry of his customer code and password, which are strictly personal and are confidential.

Any order implies acceptance of the prices and the description of the Products available for sale.

Any dispute on this point will occur in the context of a possible exchange and the provisions below. Le Petit Carré agrees to honor orders received on the Website only within the limits of available stocks of products. In the absence of availability of the Product, Le Petit Carré agrees to inform the Customer. Le Petit Carré may offer the Client a substitute product of quality and equivalent price. The Customer will have the choice to accept the proposed substitution or to give up the Product against reimbursement of its value.

The acceptance of orders for Products placed by a customer is at the sole discretion of Le Petit Carré. The customer is informed of the acceptance of his order by the appearance of a message on the screen of the computer from which he has placed an order. This message confirms that the order has been taken into account.

Minors under the age of thirteen can not place an order on our Website. Minors under the age of eighteen can not order alcoholic beverages on our website.

We may ask you for a piece of identification when you pick up your order.

The Customer does not have a right of withdrawal because it concerns goods (i) which are made according to the Customer's specifications, (ii) may deteriorate or expire quickly, or (iii) can not be dismissed for reasons of health protection or hygiene.

2. Changes to your Order

Until the validation of your order, it can be modified or canceled directly on the site. Once your order has been validated, if you wish to cancel, modify your order, or make a claim on your order, please contact Le Petit Carré directly but we do not guarantee you that we will be able to cancel or modify your order.

In case of promotions, these are available for a limited time, any change to your order may mean that the promotions will no longer be valid.

3. Price and payment

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the prices indicated by Le Petit Carré on the Website are in euros all taxes included.

They take into account the VAT applicable on the day of the order. Any change in the VAT rate may be reflected in the prices of the Products.

Similarly, if one or more taxes or contributions were to be created or modified, up or down, this change may be reflected in the selling price of the Products.

Prices can not be changed once the Customer's order has been placed. The prices of the Products ordered on the Website and the date of the order in question are authentic.

The Customer must pay for his purchases at the time of validation of his order via a proposed electronic payment or in certain cases fixed by Le Petit Carré in cash at the time of the removal.

The prices paid by the customer will be as indicated at the time of the confirmation of the order, except technical error for which we can not be held responsible.

Le Petit Carré reserves the right to cancel this order if it appears reasonably that the order is fictitious.

Product prices may vary from prices set at other sites such as Deliveroo. In addition, if you order online, the prices of products listed on the Internet catalog may differ from the price of products offered in the store or on the phone. In any case, the customer will be billed for online orders, the prices appearing on the internet catalog on the day of the order.

4. Pick-up at Petit Carré

Orders placed on the site "" are still to be picked up by the Customer at Petit Carré,  Célestines street, 18 to 4000 Liège. For a delivery, the order must be done on the site of Deliveroo.

The pick-up time given to you when you confirm your order is an approximation. We always strive to respect this one but the Customer will not be able to turn against Le Petit Carré for a possible delay. In case of major problem, you can nevertheless contact us at

5. Oral statements

The customer accepts all that has been written, the written information about the products of Le Petit Carré have been announced as such by an oral statement made by the small square or by agents or agents of Le Petit Carré. Le Petit Carré uses every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of written information on products.

6. Promotional offers

Products may be the subject of promotional offers. Any special promotional offer will be subject to the General Conditions of Sale, which will prevail in case of inconsistency between the terms of the special offer and the conditions.

Le Petit Carré reserves the right to modify the terms of special offers or to withdraw them at any time. Any order placed before the offer is withdrawn or modified will be honored at the conditions in effect on the date of the order.

7. Liability

Le Petit Carré has for all stages of order taking and for the delivery of Products an obligation of means.

In any case, the responsibility of Le Petit Carré could not be engaged in the event that the non-performance of its obligations would be attributable either to the unpredictable and insurmountable fact of a third party to the contract, or to a case of force majeure as defined by Belgian case law.

Similarly, Le Petit Carré can not be held liable for any inconvenience or damage arising from the use of the Internet, including a break in service, external intrusion or the presence of computer viruses.

8. Legislation

Any contract awarded for which these Conditions apply will be subject to Belgian law. Except in case of imperative law, any dispute shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts for Liege.